Patine pour zinc

Patine Noire Novacan pour Zinc 8oz



Novacan Black Patina for Zinc – Turn Silver colored Zinc to Black in color.

– During Application Use safety glasses and gloves. Proper and complete preparation of metal surfaces is key to a superior result.
– Remove all oxidization with bronze wool (BRO 02). Clean off all debris.
– Wipe surface with white vinegar (this allows for a more uniform/dark color)
– Wipe down with water and dry
– To apply chemical use cloth or paper towel as applicator tool. Metal contaminates patinas. Form applicator into small thick pad
approximately 2 x 2 inches.
– Pour patina onto pad and wipe metal with long smooth strokes. Slowly wipe thin layer of chemical then let dry. Repeat thin layers of
chemical letting dry between applications.
– Continue to reapply until level of blackness is achieved.
– Let chemical air dry hard for 24 hours.
– Dries to a Matte finish (dull and flat without a shine).
– Optional. Apply Clarity Finishing Compound to achieve a Glossy, shiny finish.

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