The best shipping cost will be calculated and added during the processing of your order. We always check with different carriers to offer you the cheapest possible price. There are NO glass box charges or any other fees. The most economic way to shop, is always to fill up your box to the maximum capacity (50lbs). We also have great discount for the 2nd, 3rd,…, boxes!

Minimum shipping fees

  • 1 box of glass: from 19.95$
  • 1 FULL box of glass: from 32.95$
  • 2 boxes of glass (including one full): from 38.95$
  • 2 FULL boxes of glass: from 52.95$

Those exemple prices are for Toronto. Price changes with every added pound, so final shipping cost will be determined during the packaging of your order.  We can ship up to 25 glass pieces in our  regular box and 12 large pieces in our bigger box. To minimize the risk of breakage during shipping, we hightly recommand that you order at least 5 pieces of glass. We ship worldwide!

The price of our glasses is always per square foot unless there is a specific size mentionned. The dimensions of our sq. ft. varies from one brand to the other. The quantity you ordered might be adjusted (up or down) depending on the actual size available.

Orders are process Monday to Friday. Please allow us 2-3 days for processing. You will get an notification by email when your order is shipped, along with your tracking number.

If for whatever reason you have a issue with your order, please send us an email at Do not call us, since the staff in our shop does not have the information to help you.

We always put extra attention during packaging, but there may be some breakage during shipping for reasons beyond our control. Glass is not covered by any carrier and no reclamation is possible.


We now ship glass in larger size. Here are the dimensions available:

ColorArt (CA): 19’’x15’’

Kokomo (KO): 18’’x16’’

Spectrum (SP): 24’’ x 12’’

Wissmach (PW): 21’’ x 16’’

To order those sizes, simply write in the NOTE section the number of the item you need in large sheet. The quantity you order represent the number of sheets you want not the sq.ft. For exemple, if you order 3x CA 3591 and you write that you want the large sheet for those, you will get 3 pieces of 19”x15”. To minimise the risk during shipping, we recommand you buy at least 2-3 pieces (all brands together). If you want to order a large piece of a brand that is not writter above, write is in the NOTE section as well and we will let you now what size is available. Shipping cost for the larger box is normally between 5$ to 10$ extra then our regular box.


We accept returns if the product is in his original condition. You have to take care of shipping for returns. We do accept returns in our store. ***No returns or exchanges on glasses, books, chemicals and metals***