CH 24100

Sel Ammoniac 1/4lb.



Cleans, Tins & Re-Stores Soldering Iron Tips. Essential item for soldering iron tip maintenance.

A properly working stained glass soldering iron tip should melt solder instantly. Wiping a hot iron tip on an iron sponge is a great idea to reduce and slow the build-up of contaminants found in solder and flux. Eventually, just wiping won’t be enough. This product is “The Best Choice” to Clean, & Restore a soldering tip so you can get back to uninterrupted soldering.

How It Works:
Heat soldering iron tip
Melt droplet of solder onto Sal Ammoniac block
Rub heated tip into solder and around the surface of the Sal Ammoniac block
Rub all faces and edges of the tip. The tip will absorb the solder so add more
Rub the tip hard to speed up the process
You’ll be done when all tip edges are a bright silvery new looking