Fleur of apple tree

Text to come

Decorative window

Victorian Style assemble with lead technique.

Kitchen cabinet

Stained glass window with grape design.

The violin fly away

Realization on the violin theme. 2 stained glass windows of 3 feeet x 10 feet.

Apple flowers

Decorative door with pewter solder.

Musical conception

Violin in the enchanting scenery with glass painting

Victorians Windows

Very nice effect with wrought iron border.

Furniture - stained glass window.

Stained glass window of 3 feet x 4 feet with paint cat.

Kitchen cabinet

Decorative windows with fruits design.

Artistic realization

Pianiste playing blue birds sound in a flower design.

Decoratives windows

Iris design.

Decorative wall

3 decoratives windows

Musical Conception

Many techniques has been used in this conception. Painting on glass, glass superposition, steel wire and brass rod.

Shutter with copper finish

Unit of 4 panels able to open or close with a nice copper finish.

Original conception

The harmony of the chiken with the chicks at the sunrise. Details made with paint.

Sandblasting & Glue Chipping

Door of 2 feet x 5 feet with detailed design.


Irregular form Suspension with painting on glass.

Sandblasting glass

Decorative screen for bathroom. 2 feet x 5 feet.

Residential conception

Decorative bar

Textured rose

Rose design on textured branch with solder.

Bathroom windows

2 stained glass windows of 2 feet x 5 feet made with opaque glass.

Tropical design

Multicoloured parrot


Flight of Bustard

Decorative window

Floral Design

Kitchen cabinet

Cheneese inspiration

Bathroom window

Aquatic inspiration.

Kitchen cabinet

Flying duck.

Ceiling light

Fruits design with integrated lighting. 2 feet x 6 feet.